The new threat to accountants


Far from the traditional risks that an accountancy office would face for things such as if a fire broke out or having to make a claim against your professional indemnity for issues regarding negligent advice or errors and omissions. The world has changed and comes at you with new challenges, such as cyber-attacks. Banking, accountants, and finance are on the list of occupations targeted by hackers in Australia, with industries such as healthcare trailing only slightly behind, which is why it is so essential if you are an accountant to have a cyber insurance policy in place nowadays.


Could you consider the cost to your businesses brand reputation under national compulsory disclosure laws if you had to contact each client to tell them you have had a breach and someone has gained access to their personal and private information or if someone held that information to ransom and locked you out of your computer systems?


The enemy that is sometimes from within


Running a business today, you also have to be concerned with a generation of employees that can sometimes feel easily hard done by and unlike the older generation that may have gone off into the night if you let them go for things like underperformance, the trend with younger people today has led to an increase in issues with Fairwork and you being brought in for things like unfair dismissal – with the burden of proof being left on your shoulders to prove you have done all the right things. The most unfortunate thing about this is that the legal fees for defending yourself can be many times more than any actual payout you may be forced to pay a former employee, which is why it is so important to have a management liability insurance policy in place when you start to take on more staff.


What can Bluewell help with?


We can give you quotes from multiple insurers for covers like:


  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public liability
  • Fire cover for contents
  • Theft cover for Contents
  • Management liability
  • Cyber liabilities
  • Glass cover &;
  • Electronic equipment breakdown



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