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With an extensive knowledge of North Queensland and the businesses contained therein, Bluewell Insurance Brokers is your number one choice for all of your Insurance Broking needs, with the ability to help you through the jungle that is Business Insurance, as well as the ability to help you with your personal insurances.


With tourism being one of the greatest processes for powering the economy in Cairns for the few decades and seemingly the biggest factor going forward, talk to us today about insurance for our specialist advice on tourism-based companies. We also help all other businesses from the smallest retailer to manufacturing and mining as well as covers for the people that import products in from overseas, we are here to help your business get the cover that it requires to trade through and event for now and into the future. We also recognise other requirements that North Queensland has, for instance finding cover for not if, but when the next Cyclone hits Cairns. You can talk to one of our consultants today about getting the right cover in place for the region as many insurers have made it difficult by pulling out of the local market and knowing the ones that are still in the insurance market can help you save both time and money.


We can help with all types of cover such as:




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