Income Protection Insurance


At Bluewell, Australia, Income Protection Insurance is set up to protect your income when you become sick or injured and unable to work. When a client asks us for accident insurance our first question is always, why do you need the accident insurance? If they just need to get on site and want to get away paying the absolute bare minimum and are not entirely concerned about what the cover pays out on, then this is usually what we recommend for the client as the premiums are generally low and suits the clients need to just prove that they have some kinds of protection in place if they were to get injured on the job site.

Now when a client says to us that they have a mortgage, a car loan, a dependent spouse and kids, then these are all alarm bells that accident insurance is probably not the best thing for the client in these cases we will inform the client that, they need to speak with one of our partners who supply full insurances.


Benefits of having Income Protection Insurance


  • Income protection insurance covers you for both accident and sickness.
  • Income protection insurance is guaranteed renewable. This means that if you get something like cancer for example, the insurance company has to offer you a renewal. Under normal circumstance if you disclose to an insurer that you have had something like cancer, you will struggle to find an insurer to cover you.
  • You can get cover up to age 65. With an accident insurance policy you can generally only get cover for up to two years. If you experience a serious injury and you can’t work for the rest of your natural life, then cover to age 65 is peace of mind that you will be able to set up your life into your retirement knowing what the future will bring.

If you would like a quote on insurance call us today and we will organise one our partners to give you a call back to ensure that you can get your needs looked at by a qualified professional.


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