Income Protection



Income protection insurance is not talked about nearly enough, but it’s one of the most important types of insurance to have. We are all at risk nearly every day, and you never know when something is going to happen. We don’t like to think about the negative aspects of life or its tragic events, but reality is harsh, and everyone has to be   prepared. Especially for people with families and children to support, income in case of death is a serious consideration that doesn’t get enough attention.





Income protection – a demonstration of responsibility

Life insurance is one of the things every adult person needs to have, like property insurance or car insurance. When someone leaves this world, they often leave a mess behind them; a mess that their loved ones have to fix. Whether we’re talking about funerary costs or making a living without the primary bread winner, families often struggle financially in the wake of a loved one’s death. On top of the emotional distress, this can be crushing. But you can avoid this scenario by taking care of your family in the eventuality of your death.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – take steps towards ensuring your family’s financial future right now, by getting income protection cover. It’s the responsible choice for a person for whom family is important and who is invested in ensuring their security.


What is income protection insurance?

Income protection insurance is paid in monthly instalments and essentially ensures that you – or your family – will continue to receive some sort of income for a period of time, in a case where you are unable to work. The money you receive represents a certain percentage of your regular income, and it is paid for different lengths of time, depending on the type of insurance chosen. Policies are multiple and flexible, so you can choose the coverage that puts you and your family at safety, in case of an unfortunate event.

For example, you could injure yourself physically and be rendered unable to work, you could suffer from emotional issues or mental illness – there is a wide range of occurrences that can interfere in one’s ability to provide for their family. That is where Bluewell Insurance Brokers come in with the option of income protection insurance. This way, even if you won’t be able to provide for your family, they will continue to be financially secure.

Income protection insurance is also incredibly valuable – and even essential – in the case of death. An alarming number of families struggle financially after their primary bread winner passes away. That leaves them vulnerable and unable to provide for themselves, especially when children are involved. You are able to do something now to avoid that, by taking out income protection insurance so that your family never has to know what it’s like to struggle financially after you are no longer here.


Make a choice for quality and affordability

Ensuring your family’s financial future after your death doesn’t have to leave you broke while you’re alive and working. Bluewell Insurance Brokers offer income protection insurance quotes that are affordable and manageable for everyone who wishes to make sure their family remains safe, no matter what. Anywhere in Australia, you are able to insure yourself against the risk of death and provide an income to your loved ones.

It’s very simple to get an income protection insurance online quote – instead of calling companies or worse, going in person to their offices to discuss your options, you can fill in our online life insurance quote form and get an instant quote, regardless of where you are in Australia. You have multiple options you can choose from, and you are free to decide for yourself what suits your needs and requirements. Once you’ve decided, we are here to offer you a quote.

We know that everyone is different and that we all have different needs, which is why Bluewell Insurance Brokers offers various levels of protection. You can select the amount you are comfortable with and that you need, with the help of your online life insurance calculator. Use it to pick a suitable policy for you and your family, in case you won’t be around to sustain them.
All in all, income protection is a crucial aspect that is often neglected and not discussed enough. At Bluewell Insurance Brokers, we want to make sure that it’s easy for you to set up life insurance, so that your loved ones will be protected, no matter what happens after you are no longer able to work. Use our online insurance calculator, choose between our different levels of coverage and get an instant quote online. It’s easier than ever before to protect your family and make sure that they will continue to be financially secure, even when you’re not here.