You may not think that you would require insurance when working as an air conditioning installer, but any line of work comes with its risks. After all, Air conditioning is a complex specialised industry that includes several types of services. Whether you are installing, repairing or performing maintenance on an air-conditioning device, you need to be protected against liability. Our company can provide you with the coverage you need. We understand the need to protect yourself and your business from risks, so look no further than our insurance services to secure your future.
Consumer protection cover to meet the Victorian miniserial order can be included with your Public liability insurance by request.



Pick the correct insurance coverage

The industry is wide, and it includes a lot of different products and services that are provided. This means you are opening yourself up to a lot of various types of risks. Product liability insurance and public liability insurance must cover all the services you provide.
For example, load bearing construction, welding, electrical work, metal fabrication, or plumbing all need coverage as specific services offered by you or your company.

Protection for your work in refrigeration is especially important, because of how essential it is to a lot of other industries, such as the chemical industry, the food and beverage industry, the medical industry, the flower industry, etc. Any business that works with or offers perishable products relies on these services.

And when refrigeration fails as a result of your business repairing, providing maintenance, or installing the systems, you want to be prepared and covered for the claims that will be made. You don’t have to sustain the losses if you prevent this by taking our insurance.
Something else you might want to consider is errors and omissions coverage that protects you in the eventuality that you are in charge of the design aspect. If an air conditioning system you designed fails, you will be liable for the losses or damage incurred, so be prepared.
Another situation may be one where you advise someone, in a professional capacity as an air conditioning installer, on what kind of system they should get. Should this turn out to not be adequate, claims will be made against you. Insurance will cover re-installation, repairs, or replacements.

What kind of coverage do we offer?

Typically customers can get cover for Carer insurance for things like:

  • Property Care
  • Stock, equipment, contents
  • Workshops, office, and buildings
  • Public and Product Liability
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Customers, as well as third parties
  • On-site hot works (optional)
  • Goods (control, custody and care)
  • Work Vehicles
  • Fleet coverage
  • Special purpose vehicles
  • Trucks, utes, and vans
  • Tools of Trade
  • Cylinders and glasses
  • Equipment for testing
  • Professional Negligence
  • Consequential loss
  • Professional indemnity
  • Perishable goods loss
  • Omissions and errors

Underestimating risks is dangerous in any business or line of work. You never know what is going to happen and when your services or products can fail. As a result, you are riddled with claims against you, which lead to large losses that you cannot afford. Why not prevent all the headaches, by taking out air conditioning installer insurance? It’s the responsible thing to do. Protect yourself, your business and your assets.



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