Operating your own business comes with a host of new challenges. At Bluewell we aim to support businesses through tailored insurance solutions to provide financial stability and peace of mind knowing your business and employees are covered against unforeseen situations. Arborist & Tree Lopping businesses have unique insurance needs to match their market offerings. Location, maximum height worked, and equipment used can all influence the insurance requirements for arborist businesses.

Public Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is our specialty at Bluewell.  This is seen as a core business insurance product which covers damage you or your employees may cause to third party property or physical injury to others. Branches can be unpredictable when falling, especially at heights or with wind present. Claims can occur when debris falls onto property, or even falling onto clients coming to check on your progress. Liability insurance ranges from $5M to $20M in coverage to ensure whatever the situation is, your business is protected and remains financially stable. These limits include cover for legal fees, settlement costs, and compensation. Our in-house claims team handle the process for you to expedite the process so you can stay focused on what’s important.

Equipment Insurance / General Property

Arborists can have a host of equipment ranging from powered hand tools to ladders, cherry pickers, or even earthmoving equipment to assist the cleaning up process. These items are critical to the function of the business and can be expensive to replace in a timely manner. General property insurance covers mobile equipment from accidental damage or loss that may occur resulting in you being unable to use the equipment. Our experienced team ensures your items are correctly identified and valued to support the claims process so you can receive the appropriate amount of insurance to replace or repair your items needed to work.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance is mandatory in Australia for those businesses with employees. As arborist work often involves a mix of dangerous equipment and heights, your employees are at risk of significant personal injury while working for you. As workers compensation insurance is facilitated by state governments we aren’t able to assist with eastern states. However, if you operate outside of NSW, VIC, or QLD we can assist with establishing comprehensive cover to protect your employees and satisfy legislative requirements that apply.

Commercial Motor Insurance

Arborist work is a mobile job and your vehicle allows you to reach clients. If your vehicle is significantly damaged, not only are you out of pocket for repairs or replacement, your work is impacted as you aren’t able to reach clients as efficiently. Therefore, we believe commercial motor insurance is critical to protect your operations. Comprehensive insurance covers damage caused to your vehicle, as well as any damage caused to a third party to help repair or replace your vehicle, as well as pay out any financing you may have. Some insurers offer additional extras such as a replacement vehicle during the repair process to keep your business moving. Speak to a consultant today to discuss your options and what your business requires.