Asbestos Removal Insurance

In the hazardous field of asbestos removal, ensuring the stability of your operation is paramount. To protect your business against its unique risks, we can assist with a range of Insurance products. These are designed to safeguard your financial wellbeing in the event of an accident and bolster the integrity of your operation.

Liability Insurance

Scenario: A claim is filed by a member of the public alleging health concerns due to asbestos exposure during a removal project.

At Bluewell, we access ongoing liability insurance products, as well as one off coverage for certain situations. Liability insurance covers legal expenditure as well as compensation amounts relating to damage to third parties caused by yourself or your team. This product is essential to ensure your business remains financially resilient while enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business in the event of an unforeseen claim.

Commercial Motor Insurance

Scenario: An accident occurs while transporting asbestos waste, causing damage to your specialized vehicle.

Much like traditional motor insurance, commercial motor insurance targets vehicles used for business purposes and assists with paying out loans or purchasing new vehicles in the event of loss or total damage to your vehicles. Particularly with asbestos removal, you may have specialised vehicles or modified trucks which require more in-depth coverage. This product provides confidence to navigate the roads securely knowing you won’t be out of pocket significantly if something were to happen.

Equipment Insurance

Specialized protective gear and removal equipment are paramount to any asbestos removal operation. If these items are lost, or destroyed, it can cause significant delays to projects and be costly. Equipment and tools insurance can cover the costs of repair or replacement of these items and reduce the time and resources wasted trying to facilitate it yourself. These products provide continual readiness to execute projects efficiently without additional financial setbacks.

In the intricate landscape of asbestos removal, insurance products are imperative to protect your business interests in the event of an incident. The team at Bluewell Insurance Brokers are happy to discuss your options and assist in finding appropriate coverage to suit your specific situations.