Association Liability Insurance Australia

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Association Liability Insurance Australia

When it comes to organisations run for a cause or group rather than a profit, Association Liability Insurance is essential to cover the people operating the organisation, especially if you are doing it on a volunteer level, there would be nothing worse then having to shut down because you couldn’t cover the costs:

  • Employment practices liability – unfair dismissal
  • Professional indemnity – the advice given by the organisation
  • Workplace health and safety investigation costs – defence costs if someone was to get injured
  • Office bearers’ liability and association reimbursement cover – if there is a claim for the management or mismanagement of the association
  • Tax audit cover – cover if the organisation is audited by the ATO
  • Voluntary workers cover – accident cover

So what type of organisations can benefit from Association liability cover:

  • Not for profit organisations
  • Trade related industry associations
  • Charity groups
  • Sporting associations and clubs
  • Registered clubs
  • Schools as well as educational institutions
  • Religious groups
  • Political groups
  • Trade unions
  • Industry associations

While not every cover is available for every group and association, it is good to speak with one of our experts on Association Liability Insurance, to find out where your risk lies and what covers you should a have in place, so that if the worst does happen you have the best chance to keep running. With our designated claims team, you can be assured that if you have a claim against your Association Liability Insurance, you have a group of people who are working for you in your best interested to get the claim paid and not only that, the claim paid in a reasonable amount of time, so the impact of the claim is minimised.

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