It is crucial when working with people that you, as a beautician or beauty therapist, have the correct cover in place, just in case of any accidents or issues that may occur.

What is Beautician Insurance?

Beautician work is typically a safe environment. But there is always a chance of an accident occurring in the workplace. If, by any chance, an accident does occur, causing damage to any equipment or injuring a client or employee, knowing your business is covered by insurance will take a load off your shoulders. Beautician Insurance is insurance policies that cover any liabilities and damage to property.

Why do you need Insurance as a Beautician Business?

If you are a beautician who needs public liability insurance, you can find cover for 5, 10, or 20 million dollars.

Beauticians need public liability insurance to cover them for any third-party property damage they may cause. A lot of beauticians need public liability insurance as a requirement to rent space at a hairdressing salon and will need to prove they have public liability insurance in place before they start work. Beauticians also need Malpractice/Professional Indemnity cover for certain aspects of their jobs, cosmetic tattooing for an example.

After selecting the quote button, go into selecting your occupation as a beautician, public liability amounts for 5, 10, and 20 million public liability insurance are available for beauticians and beauty therapists.

Beautician insurance will cover you with a range of policies to protect your business such as:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Theft cover for your equipment and contents
  • Business Property cover for your property, contents and stock (includes Fire & Flood protection)
  • Worker’s compensation insurance for business owners
  • Breakdown coverage for equipment
  • Plate glass and glass insurance
  • As well as many other types of insurance

Bluewell Insurance Brokers has extensive experience in Beautician Insurance, and we are happy to help you find the appropriate coverage for your business. Peace of mind can be bought, and it’s as simple as getting proper insurance coverage for all of your needs.