We at Bluewell Finance are here to provide solutions to help you with:

  • Growth Investment
  • Cash Flow
  • Pay Overheads
  • Repaying Debt

Our business loan can help you with your working capital to ensure you never miss a good opportunity. Where you will be able to keep the cash flowing and ensure the continuous smooth operation of your successful business. By allowing us to help you out, it will help you ease the pressure in paying business overhead such as utility bills.

When looking for business finance, Bluewell provides many credit products including business loans, business overdrafts, business credit cards, car & equipment finance, corporate finance, risk management, term loans, a line of credit, and more.

When looking into business finance, here are some of the key points you should consider:

  • Interest rate – fixed rate or variable rate
  • Loan terms
  • Repayments information
  • Repayment capability assessment
  • Terms and conditions
  • Hidden fees – including early payout penalty fees
  • Etc.

As a business owner, you can only do so much in one day. Understanding that with limited time in hand, you won’t have time to complete large amounts of paperwork and waiting for a long response. Hence with using 5 minutes of your time, you can get a quote online with Bluewell and expect a fast response within 48 hours.