Bookkeepers insurance seeks to protect accountants charged with the responsibility of maintaining accurate financial records for their clients. There is no doubt that bookkeepers are very cautious and diligent people when it comes to accounting as one cannot afford to make a mistake. Unfortunately, human beings are prone to errors. Though as an accountant you have a possibility to correct errors, you may make a miscalculation whose effects are irreversible leading to claims for compensation. When this happens, you may lose your job due to professional negligence while having to pay a huge amount of money for compensation that depletes your savings.

Common risks in the Bookkeeping Profession

Bookkeeping is a lucrative career that brings good annual turnover. Bookkeepers insurance cover is prepared for individual accountants or bookkeeping firms with a number of employees. The risks below facing the bookkeeping profession call for an urgent need of an insurance cover:

Errors and omissions

In bookkeeping profession, you deal with financial figures. Miscalculations occurring from errors or omissions may lead to emotional suffering, loss of jobs and financial loss to your client or employees in client’s firm. If it is established that indeed you made a mistake in accounting, you are held liable.

Erroneous advice

As a bookkeeper, your client depends on your reports and advice when making important financial decisions. Though you are an expert, this poses a great risk for in your career as errors in the report will definitely result in erroneous advice. This leads to a flawed decision-making process with undesirable outcomes. In this case, you are held accountable for the financial loss and sufferings.

Malicious claims

Bookkeeping is a sensitive career that exposes you to malicious claims. In most cases, this occurs when bookkeeping for a client owning a large firm with several employees. Individuals in your client’s firm may decide to manipulate documents and situations, to cover up the fraud. Proving your innocence in court may be a tedious and expensive process that depletes your savings, considering that you may be out of the job by the time of defence.

Benefits of a bookkeepers insurance policy

Bookkeepers professional liability policy is essential for every individual accountant and bookkeeping firms. The policy cover brings the following benefits:

Opens up a job opportunity

Bookkeepers professional liability opens up a great job opportunity. Larger firms tend to make this insurance cover a requirement for you as an individual or your firm to handle their financial records. Therefore, applying for this insurance cover gives you an edge to work with prominent clients who add significant value to your career.

Protects your earnings

A professional liability cover protects your hard-earned money, from claims amounting to millions of dollars. The policy provides compensation on your behalf for errors in handling your clients’ financial records. This saves your company from going under should your employees be sued for miscalculations in bookkeeping.

Covers professional negligence claims

Bookkeepers insurance provides compensation for claims associated with professional negligence and flawed advice provided to the client.

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