Bricklayers Insurance Australia


Bricklayers insurance provides protection against claims associated with the risks specific to the bricklaying profession. Bricklayers are highly talented artisans whose systematic bricklaying process produces results that are elegant and stylish. If you own a bricklaying firm or operate as an individual, you may be contracted to construct a complete house using bricks or provide the roofing services. This involves risks that may result in claims that may leave you bankrupt.


Bricklayers’ business risks


As a bricklayer, you need to be aware of the inherent risks in your profession and get an insurance cover that adequately protects your trade:


  • Third-party injuries – The process of laying bricks involves the use of a wheelbarrow, bricks and other tools. As an example, a brick or tools can fall causing injuries to another person/s.
  • Destruction of property – No one is perfect including an expert bricklayer! A complete bricks-made wall may have unnoticed flaws that make it to collapse destroying properties around.
  • Injuries to employees – Your employees are exposed to a number of dangers while working with bricks on a construction site. Falling, being hit by loose bricks and injuries caused by tools may lead to serious bodily injuries and sometimes fatalities.
  • Theft – Tools and building materials worth huge amounts of money may be stolen on the site or when in transit.


Bricklayers insurance policies are available for you!
The following are the insurance covers available for bricklayers business:


Employers’ insurance liability


This policy is designed to cover compensation for claims associated with accidents on the site that leads to serious body injuries of the employees or death. The employee does not need to file a court case for the compensation to be made, as you can contact the insurance provider once the accident happens to fund the medical bills and provide income to the staff during the recovery period.


Public liability


This is an important cover since any destruction of third-party’s property and injuries in more often than not, results in nasty court battles. This insurance policy covers the legal fees and clears the compensation package as per the court ruling. This protects your business from going under as you do not have to dig into the income.


General property cover


This policy protects the tools and equipment from theft and damage either on the site or in transit. The policy can be adjusted to accommodate vehicles used for carrying equipment.


Additional cover for casual employees


Hiring an additional temporary employee is a great idea to handle additional bricklaying jobs. You can request for additional insurance coverage to protect the temporary employees who are exposed to risks just like the permanent employees.


Business interruption policy


This bricklayers’ insurance policy protects the income in case the project is stalled for varying reasons.


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