Cannabis Industry

Australia is quickly developing into a significant international player in the global cannabis manufacturing, research, and development industry. With medical use of cannabis being legalised in Australia, and decriminalisation of illicit marijuana in ACT, the industry has seen rapid change over the recent years in both public opinion and legislation.

However, businesses within this industry are not exempt from normal operating risks associated with typically suppliers, manufacturing, agricultural, international trade, or start ups.

At Bluewell, we strive to obtain appropriate, and cost-effective cover that is tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We understand that significant investments of capital and time are required in this rapidly growing industry, and we aim to assist in protecting the financial assets of your business and its stakeholders.

Medical Indemnity / Professional Indemnity

Whether you provide prescriptions, are a sales rep, or are designing the next best cultivating facility, any advice or designs you provide can have consequences. Medical indemnity aims to cover healthcare professionals against civil claims arising from the failure to provide professional advice, medical or health services leading to injury or harm to a client, either directly, or financially. If your services more relate to consulting, or designs, then professional indemnity will assist in covering legal expenses associated with your professional advice and potential negligent claims.

General Liability Insurance

These policies aim to cover legal expenses from defence, as well as any potential settlement amount arising from property damage, personal injury, and/or advertising costs. The required amount of cover can vary depending on contractual agreements, local government requirements, or simply peace of mind. Causing damage to expensive devices or facilities unintentionally can cause significant financial strain on yourself. Speak to a consultant today to ensure your risks are clearly identified and discussed.

Marine Cargo Insurance

If you importing, or exporting materials or products, whether you’re a supplier or retailer, the items being transported are at risk of being lost. Having a shipment missing can have not just upfront costs, but can delay plans or contractual obligations, leading to a larger financial loss.