Car Detailer Public Liability Insurance

Detailing cars can come with a lot of responsibility, especially with more expensive vehicles. Covering your business with public liability insurance can protect your business from a large bill. Protect your business by filling out our free online quote form and cover your business!

Why Should I Protect My Car Detailer Business?

Would you rather pay for damages caused to a customers car, or would you rather have your business covered and not have to pay that crazy amount? Public liability insurance covered all sorts of claims and helps your business save a whole lot of money. Any third-party damages, injuries, legal liabilities and more. If your employees are still learning the basics and accidentally damage a clients vehicle, Public Liability insurance will cover the costs for the damages and any legal settlements that are pursued. Here are some other incidents that liability insurance can cover:

  • Theft of a client’s vehicle
  • Property/Equipment damage
  • An Customer is injured on company property
  • Optional driving risk cover for driving clients cars
  • and more…

Interested in purchasing some liability cover? Try our free online quote form and find the best options for your business today! We can find 5-20 million dollars of insurance cover for your business. In need of more information? Visit our Public Liability Insurance page and read some information at the bottom. Or, give our team a call at 1300 669 664 during business hours and we would be glad to help with any enquiries or questions about our services and insurance.