Car Wash Public Liability Insurance

Protect your business by purchasing public liability insurance. Try our free online quote form and get one step closer to covering your business! Working with customers vehicles/property can cause for liabilities and having your Car Wash business shielded from liability claims, will help save a lot of money.

Public Liability Insurance for my Car Wash

Public Liability Insurance protects businesses from legal actions from injuries of a third-party or damage to their property/possessions. Liability cover is so important for any business. For example, your car wash could experience a third-party or customer that slips on a wet surface and injures themselves. You are responsible for any bills that they might place on your business because you didn’t have a wet floor sign. If your business wasn’t covered by public liability insurance, the cost will need to come right from your pockets. But, if you’re covered, those costs will be covered by the insurance policy. Here are a few more examples:

  • An employee damages a customer’s vehicle
  • Legal Settlements
  • Optional driving risk cover for driving clients cars
  • and more…

Seeking Public Liability Insurance?

Looking at purchasing public liability insurance? Lucky for you, we provide a Free Online Public Liability Insurance Quote form. In our quote form, we can find 5-20 million dollars of insurance cover for your business. Do you still need some clarification? Our Public Liability Insurance page has some great information about Public Liability Insurance and what it covers. If that isn’t enough, give our team a call at 1300 669 664 during business hours and we would be glad to help with any enquiries or questions about our services and insurance.