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Applying for comprehensive carpenters insurance is the best financial decision for those in the carpentry industry. As a carpenter, you have amazing talent and skills that produce masterpieces leading to great sales and success. However, this industry has numerous risks that are likely to drain your hard-earned money, leaving you without a livelihood. Good news is that you can protect your income from possible losses brought about by claims and personal injuries using a comprehensive or a personalised combination of carpenters’ policy covers.


Carpenters Insurance Options

Carpenters insurance will not prevent the risks from happening but shields your carpentry business from financial impact brought about by the risks. Here are the policy covers available for you:

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Public Liability Insurance

When running a carpentry business, you will always have customers and suppliers walking about within your business premises. Timber, electric cables, air hoses, saw horses and other sharp tools can cause injuries to customers and suppliers despite the security measures you put in place. This is why you need a public liability insurance policy to cover incurred medical, legal and compensation fees.

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Contract Works

What would you do if you were 80% through building a property and it caught fire? Would it send you bankrupt having to restart the whole project?
Contract works would cover your costs to restart the project for materiels and some also have options for principal supplied appliances. Get cover for a single project or get cover for annual projects, the choice is yours.


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Workers Compensation

Do you have several employees in your carpentry business? If yes, you definitely need this insurance policy. Employees are prone to cut wounds, burns, fractures and other injuries as they work with sharp objects, electricity and finishing materials that may lead to allergy. This policy covers legal and medical fee while providing compensation if need be.

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Sickness & Accident Policy

When operating as an individual carpenter, sickness and debilitating accidents simply mean no income. This is unfortunate especially if you have dependents. This policy protects your income in case of sickness and accidents.

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Tools & Equipment Cover

In order to make a decent income flow, you need a well functioning and readily available carpentry tools and equipment. Loss and damage of tools can easily knock you out of the carpentry business. Protect your tools by applying for carpenters insurance now.

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