Clothing Insurance Australia

Whether you are a clothing manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, taking out comprehensive insurance to cover the risks inherent to your business is a wise financial decision. The clothing that you provide to your clients IS your business and a number of risks could negatively affect your business and leave you without a livelihood. The good news is that you can protect your income from possible losses brought about by claims, business interruption, fire and perils and personal injuries using a comprehensive or a personalised combination of clothing insurance covers.


Elements Of A Good Insurance Policy For Clothing Insurance

Whether working as an individual business operator or with several employees, you definitely need a good insurance policy. Here are the elements to look out for when choosing clothing insurance:

Comprehensive Cover

A comprehensive cover is an insurance policy that protects your clothing business from all possible risks. You can identify a single policy that covers key risks or you can negotiate for a customised policy that suits your specific business needs. Consulting an insurance provider helps in identifying potential risks and designing an insurance policy that keeps your clothing business safe from financial devastation.


The assumption that insurance policy covers are expensive keeps many clothing retailers and wholesalers from insuring their businesses. When in fact, there are affordable insurance policies designed to protect your business income when disaster strikes. It is now possible to access comprehensive and affordable insurance policies through the internet market. You can search online for a provider offering the best cover that suits your business needs at the lowest rates in the market.

Flexible Premiums

When applying for an insurance policy for clothing businesses, it is important to check on the premiums. Be sure to keep track of your premium payments so that your insurance cover remains valid. It’s highly recommended that you seek a provider with flexible premiums that gives you adequate time to make premium payments that work with the flow of your income.

Clothing Insurance Options

Clothing insurance will not prevent the risks of your business from happening. However, it will shield your clothing business from financial impact brought about by these risk factors. Here are the policy covers available for you and your industry:

Public Liability Insurance

When running a clothing business, you will always have customers, suppliers and members of the public walking about within your business premises. Trips, slips and falls can cause injuries to customers and suppliers despite the safety and security measures you put in place. This is why you need a public liability insurance policy to cover any medical, legal and compensation fees that are incurred.

Workers Compensation

Do you have several employees in your clothing business? If yes, you definitely need this insurance policy. Workers compensation insurance is imperative if you have employees to protect you from any costs of a staff members’ injury, allergy or illness encountered during their workday. This policy covers legal and medical fees while providing compensation if need be.

Business & General Property, Business Interruption, Fire & Perils

Any period of interruption of your business operations can be devastating to your income levels. Business cover for buildings, contents, stock and work in progress will give you peace of mind if interrupted or impacted by any of the following:

  •  Accidental fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion/implosion
  • Damage caused by aerial devices
  • Malicious Damage
  • Earthquake
  • Storm damage

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