Corporate Insurance

Corporate Insurance

Bluewell can help your business with Corporate Insurance covers proven to protect your company. The face of corporate insurance is changing globally and so it must change at home in Australia. Threats that were not disrupting businesses 10 years ago are the ones we need to be most concerned about today. It is not sufficient to just look at the traditional insurances that have been offered historically when covering your corporation.

Around the world – digitally

Branding and maintaining the brand should be on the top of the agenda for any corporation. With compulsory reporting to your clients for beaches of customers private and personal information after being hacked, the cover is needed to finance:

  • Ransoms for the return of your client information or access back to your systems
  • Investigation costs to find out how many of your clients have been affected
  • Bringing in image consultants to mitigate any loss of reputation to your company, being some of the things offered by some Cyber Liability insurers today.

It is very important to have a Cyber Liability Insurance policy in place, to protect you from the loss of income from these attacks.

All’s fair in love & employment practices liability

As the attitudes of employees change from generation to generation, corporations are finding an increase of claims for unfair dismissal and sexual harassment. Where an older employee might have left gracefully after being dismissed for underperformance – access to the internet and having a more informed peer base, may not make this the case for your younger employees. This is why today it is recommended to have Management Liability in place to protect you. The bonus about Management Liability is it usually extends cover to what used to be called directors and officers cover for issues with ASIC such as breaches. This cover also includes cover for OH&S breaches and OH&S investigation costs. Which is why it is essential to have this cover in place for modern business.

What can Bluewell help you with?

As well as the newer insurances we have discussed, we can also get cover from multiple insurers for traditional insurances such as:

  • Corporate travel insurance
  • Business property insurance for your contents
  • Professional indemnity for losses due to negligent advice as well as errors and omissions
  • Public liability insurance
  • Workers compensation (dependent on your state)
  • Tax audit cover & many others