There are two main types of demolition activities: Soft strip and Structural. Both have their unique risks and situations, with structural often seen as riskier, and therefore more expensive. At Bluewell we have an experienced team to discuss your options and situations and find the right coverage to suit your needs.

Public Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is most often businesses first line of defence. It covers damage you or your employees may cause to third party property or physical injury to others. For example, consider you perform internal soft strip demolition, removing the non-structural items for a renovation. You may accidentally hit pipes or wires, or damage the structural supports unintentionally. Work now has to stop, other professionals or engineers are called out to assess, additional support is installed, and another team has to come in and repair the damage. All these costs add up and may be directed back at you. Liability Insurance would cover any settlement costs, as well as any legal defence costs incurred as a result of these situations.

General Property / Tools Cover

Like any trade, the tools and equipment used are expensive and critical to any demolition projects success. Whether its small powered hand tools or large excavators and bulldozers, our experienced team can assist with protecting your equipment against loss, theft, or critical damage that may occur at any location, at any time. Replace your equipment at a fraction of their cost, payout financing, and get your business back on track. Let our in-house claims consultants handle the entire process and ensure you receive your settlement in a timely manner.

Commercial Motor Insurance

Demolition services inherently require you to be on the road. Protect your business vehicles while going to and from demolition sites. Vehicles are critical to reaching clients in a timely manner while carrying any equipment you may need while being an asset that can be very expensive to replace overnight. Commercial Motor Policies can be either comprehensive or third-party coverage depending on your needs and can cover the costs incurred from a road accident for both your vehicle and the third party damage. We work with many different insurance providers to find you the most competitive offering while providing the coverage your business needs.