Does your Digger need insurance cover?

If your business works with or owns diggers, ensuring that your vehicles are covered with the correct policies can help save a lot of money. Diggers are powerful and large machines that can cause a lot of damage when not properly operated. These vehicles are also quite expensive, so when one of your diggers is damaged, stolen or destroyed, the fixes can be very costly.

Digger Insurance will vary depending on a variety of different factors. If you use your digger for personal use, the cover will be different compared to business use. Here’s a nice list of what areas Digger Insurance can cover.

  • Property Damage
  • Equipment Damage
  • Theft
  • Fire & Flood Damages
  • Emergency Repairs
  • and more

Bluewell Business Insurance Brokers are here to help.

Make sure that your business won’t need to pay for any damage or other unnecessary costs. The consultants at Bluewell are experts in finding the best quotes for your requirements! Start by filling out our free online quote. We work closely with some of Australia’s top insurance providers like QBE, AIG, Steadfast and Allianz to provide the best quotes for any business. Just like other insurance, the cost of Digger Insurance depends on a number of different factors:

  • The age of the vehicle and driver
  • The number of vehicles you wish to cover
  • Work environments
  • How dangerous your business activity is
  • and more

If you have any other questions about our business or a quote, you can call us during work hours on 1300 669 664 or get in touch on our contact page. We are always ready to help.