Disability support workers insurance

Disability Support Workers


Disability/Aged Care Support Insurance covers risks involving the support for Disability or Aged Care Workers. This occupation is exposed to many risks which can lead to fatal incidents. In order to find the most suitable cover, being able to find the most reliable Insurance provider is key.

Risks for Disability/Aged Care Support Workers

Support Care Workers can either be sub-contracted or employed to provide care and support for elderly and/or people with a disability. The day-to-day tasks that may be required, can be assistance with personal care, social and community participation, transport, home/living support and nutrition support etc. During these tasks that require assistance, there are multiple risks that can happen even if the procedures are followed. Damage to the client’s property can also incur for people required to support people at their homes, this can come into play at any time and can mainly occur when cleaning the clients house.

Injuries to Third Party

Injuries to Third Party is the major risk when working in this occupation. Some potential injuries faced by support care workers include slip/trip/falls and neglecting the care for individuals when needed. Failing to provide a safe environment for your client can lead to these injuries and can be fatal in some instances.

Insurance policies Support Care Workers often request

Public Liability

Public Liability is designed to cover the support care worker while working, against injury to another person or damage to property. This policy can be required by your employer if you are a sub-contractor. This policy is not a requirement in some instances however it is strongly recommended.  

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers if there is a breach of contract, alleged negligence or breath of duty or a mistake made from a professional service provided. If you are providing advice and charging a fee to clients, you may need to investigate this further with an insurance company/Broker. For this occupation, this policy can be combined with Public Liability.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is important for businesses that have employees. Employees can be exposed to injuries if faced with an aggressive person due to their mental disability. This policy will cover payments to the employees for wages while they’re not fit for work, medical expenses and rehabilitation.