Applying for comprehensive distribution insurance is the wisest financial decision for those in the business of distribution. As a vital link in the supply chain, you have a major role to play in the care, transportation and management of goods on behalf of your customers. This industry has numerous risks that could negatively impact your income or possibly leaving you without a livelihood. Fortunately, you can protect your income from possible losses brought about by claims and personal injuries using a comprehensive or a personalised combination of distribution insurance covers.

Elements Of A Good Distribution Insurance Policy

Whether you store goods, distribute locally or overseas you absolutely need to seek an insurance policy that keeps your business safe. Loss or damage can occur to these goods as a result of fire, flood, accident, theft, malicious acts and equipment failure, so you need insurance to protect you in the event of any of these incidents.

Here are the elements to look out for when choosing distribution insurance:

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive cover is an insurance policy that protects your distribution company from all possible risks. You can identify a single policy that covers key risks or you can negotiate for a customised policy that suits your specific business needs. Consulting an insurance provider helps in identifying potential risks and designing an insurance policy that keeps your distribution business safe.


While insurance is essential for your distribution business, it is important that the insurance options available to you are affordable. There are distribution insurance options available that are designed to protect your business income when there’s a devastating incident or issue. Access to comprehensive yet affordable insurance policies has been made easier by the internet market. You can search online for a provider offering the best covers that suit your business needs at the lowest rates in the market.

Flexible Premiums

When applying for an insurance policy for distributors and distribution centres, it is important to check on the premiums. In order to keep your business safe, you need to keep track of premium payments. Go for a provider with flexible premiums that give you options to make hassle free payment in line with the flow of your income.

Distribution Insurance Options

Distribution insurance will not prevent these incidents from occurring, but it will shield your distribution business from financial impact brought about by the risks. Here are some policy covers available for you:

  • Commercial and General Property Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Public Liability
  • Management Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation