Insurance For DJs

DJ Insurance: What Do You need?

DJ-ing is such a fun experience that not even professionals feel like it’s work. Entertaining cheerful crowds that are in love with what you do can be considered a dream come true for most who get in that position. But for all this to be possible, special insurances are needed in order to protect you from the potential risks. Any profession has its own risks, which is why it’s crucial to pick the proper policy that will offer the exact kind of protection that you need.

Let’s see the most valuable types of insurances for DJs.

1. DJ Public Liability Insurance

This insurance covers the unintentional damage that may occur during your professional activities. It only applies to external parties, meaning those that you have no financial connection towards. Examples would be injuries caused to members of your audience or damage caused to the property where you are performing.

You may think that this is not a profession where accidents are likely to happen. Still, it is easy to overlook them until they happen and cause a massive financial loss as a result. For example, unloading your equipment and dropping a huge piece on a floor will save you a lot of expenses when you are insured. Similarly, having one of your speakers fall on members of your audience and cause injuries will bring massive costs due a possible lawsuit, medical treatments and compensation demanded, something that the public liability insurance covers. The maximum amount depends on the policy chosen.

Many venues will only hire DJs that have a public liability insurance, making this mandatory for everyone who is serious about this career.

2. DJ Property Insurance

DJs are known for their sophisticated equipment so it comes as no surprise to learn that it can be quite expensive. Protecting it against theft or any kind of accidental damage that it may suffer is essential in order to avoid significant financial losses. It will allow you to take an unnecessary worry off your mind and feel safe focusing on the best part of the job: providing great music.

3. Income Protection or Personal Accident Insurance

After reaching a certain level, DJs will need to employ teams to help them manage some of the common activities. Agents, managers and producers are just a few common positions that can be employed for this purpose.

As expected from businesses that have employees, there are more valuable insurances as compared to a one-man business. The income protection or personal accident covers are among them. They serve to cover the costs that can appear following the injury of your staff as a result of their work. Medical treatments, legal actions, and the compensation are all covered up to the maximum sum allowed by your policy. All this is done in order to provide benefits both for the employee and the employer, keeping the market running.

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