Duty Of Disclosure

You must tell the insurer:

  • all information that is known to you which is relevant to the insurer’s decision whether to insure you (and the terms on which to insure you); and
  • everything that a reasonable person could be expected to know is relevant to the insurer’s decision, having regard to the nature and extent of the insurance cover to be provided and the class of people who ordinarily apply for the insurance.

FOR NEW BUSINESS – Answer the specific questions on the application form truthfully and accurately. You must tell the insurer all information that’s known to you and that a reasonable person would be expected to provide in answer to the questions. You don’t need to provide information that isn’t relevant to the questions in the form.

FOR RENEWALS – Answer the specific questions asked by the insurer or review the information you previously provided (the insurer will provide a copy of this). Tell the insurer about any changes (or tell us, so we can tell the insurer). If nothing has changed, simply tell the insurer that. There’s no need to provide any other information.