ERZ Controller Insurance

We all know mine sites can be a risky place to work and a good ERZ Controller should be able to show a good practical knowledge of the major hazards that may exist in a mine and while you’re looking for the hazards, let Bluewell Insurance Brokers look after your ERZ Controller Insurance.

We have access to numerous Australian Insurers and Lloyd’s of London facilities, so we can get you covers for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

We have brokers that have numerous years experience looking after mine site workers from all aspects of the industry, so you can call up and have a chat with someone and be assured you are in safe hands, so if anything ever goes wrong you have the right person looking after you and your interests.

So give us a call today one 1300 669664 and talk with someone to get your ERZ Controller insurance up and running so you are covered for when you get on site.