Being a fencing contractor may seem quite simple for someone who is not working in this area, but in fact, it involves a lot of hard work and risks. However, in Australia, the number of fencing contractors is high and continues to increase, and for this reason, the interest regarding their insurance is growing, too.


No matter if you own a business or if you work by yourself as a fencing contractor, having insurance is a must for you. This job involves a large variety of risks that may cost you a small fortune if they’re not managed well.



Do you need fencing contractors insurance if you are a professional?


If you are a hardworking fencing contractor who had trained hard for achieving the status of a professional, you may find insurance unnecessary. But the truth is that no matter how skilled you are or for how long you have been working as a fencing contractor, you are still exposed to plenty of risks. Of course, no one denies that many accidents can be avoided if you are an experienced person, but there
are also mistakes and accidents that can happen to anyone. What do you do if a mistake ruins all your hard work? Who is going to pay for the damages?


Why do you need fencing contractors insurance?


If you own a fencing installation business, you need to consider even more aspects. If one of your employees damages the materials
or one customers’ propriety,
or suffers some injuries, even though it is not your mistake, you will have to pay for it. Moreover, you can also be sued for personal injury, damaged property, damages reputations, etc. Who is going to pay for all the costs related to
these aspects? Do you need to pay for each of them, or does your insurance cover them?
Another common problem nowadays in Australia is vandalism. If someone destroys your equipment, tools, supplies and a fence that has already been installed, can you afford to cover all the costs?


Natural disasters are also a real danger for every business, and unfortunately, they cannot be avoided. Your propriety can be destroyed in a few minutes by such an unpleasant event, and your work will lose all its value.


Fire is another danger for Australian businesses and workers as well, and its action can be devastating. By destroying your tools, equipment, materials and vehicles, fire can bring you to bankruptcy overnight.


If you are considering these aspects, it is not hard to understand the importance of fencing contractors insurance. Besides the accidents and mistakes you can avoid, there are also a lot of other problems that may destroy your business.


What does fencing contractors insurance cover? Typically, this type of insurance includes the following aspects:


  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Natural Disasters
  • Vandalism
  • Public Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Legal Expenses


Bluewell Insurance Brokers know the importance of tailoring insurance to your needs. Factors such as equipment, the number of employees, proprieties and many others can determine a fencing contractor or owner of a fencing installation business to opt for more or fewer features when it comes to insurance. Contact us to find the best coverage for you.