Does your business work with forklifts? Is your machine insured? Forklifts are dangerous vehicles that are accident prone and to susceptible to a liability incident. Protect your business today by getting the right cover in place.

Why do I need it?

Forklift insurance is intended to protect forklifts and their operators from workplace accidents and your business from any liability claims. In case of an accident, your business and your operators will be covered for the costs of your employees as well as property and vehicle damage.

Working with forklifts can come with the possibility to cause risks in a business. Especially if the driver isn’t qualified to drive or the vehicle isn’t up to standard. So, here is a list of potential risks that a business may face when operating with forklifts:

  • Manoeuvring: Forklifts moves differently to typical vehicles like cars. With a rear-end steering, turning in tight spaces can be easier so anyone that is guiding or bypassing a moving forklift may cause potential for being hit.
  • Stability: The stability of a load is quite crucial because if the load falls on someone or something, it could damage goods or a potential injury.
  • Speed: Although the speed of a forklift isn’t too fast, the weight of the vehicle and the momentum it can bring can cause a lot of damage to the building, objects or the forklift itself.
  • Fuelling and Charging: Re-fuelling or recharging come with hazards with fire and generating hydrogen gas from recharging a forklift battery.

Always tell your insurer everything they need to know. You have to offer them accurate information in order for them to be able to offer you coverage. In some instances, it can be tempting to conceal some facts, but they will be revealed in the eventuality of an insurance claim, and you might just lose coverage.

What does it cover?

For forklift related claims, Commercial Vehicle Insurance Cover is the most appropriate. Here is a handy list of areas that it covers.

  • Property damage
  • Fire
  • Loss
  • Emergency repairs
  • Towing costs
  • Theft or damage
  • Attempted theft
  • Legal liability
  • Employee and Public Injuries

Just like any other kind of insurance, the cost of Commercial Vehicle Insurance depends on a number of different things:

  • How many cars you are ensuring
  • How dangerous the activity is
  • What is the age of the driver(s)
  • What kind of vehicles you are ensuring
  • Are your employees covered
  • Is the environment safe

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Bluewell Insurance Brokers has extensive experience in Commercial Vehicle Insurance, and we are happy to help you find the appropriate coverage for your business and your vehicles. Peace of mind can be bought, and it’s as simple as getting proper insurance coverage for all of your needs.