Cost of Public Liability Insurance

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The cost for public liability varies depending on different factors that each insurance company will look at to determine your personal risk and the price they should assign to you.

The first factor in working out the cost of public liability insurance is what is your occupation. If you are an office based worker like an accountant then your cost of liability insurance will be less then that of a builder, to give an example an office worker will generally never make a claim on public liability insurance because offices are static environments with minimal chance of causing third property damage and personal injury to a third party, whereas a construction site will have to deal with numerous things where injury can be cause to a third party or property damage could happen to a third parties property.

The second factor in working our your cost for public liability insurance is turnover, if you are making $100,000 a year and somebody else is making $2 million per year the obviously the person with the two million turnover is going to be doing a significant amount more work and then will be a higher risk for the insurance company.

The third factor for working our your cost for liability insurance is your state, New South Wales and Victoria generally cost more then the other states in Australia.


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