Film & Video Production Public Liability

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How do I get a public liability insurance quote for my film & video production business?

If you click on our link it will take you to our instant quote page where you can select your occupation as film and video production. You will have to select what state you are based in and you will also have to work out what your expected turnover for the next 12 months will be. Our quote screen will then give you a price for $5 million, $10 million or $20 million public liability. Select your level of cover and then you can choose one of our payment methods.


What does public liability insurance cover my video or film production company for?


Public liability insurance covers you for third party property damage and third party injury for example if one of you clients was to injure themselves and you were found legally liable or if you went into a clients premises and you caused property damage. You will be required to pay the excess in the event of any claim and the insurer will pay the remainder. You will be covered up to the limit of liability you have select be it 5,10 or 20 million.


How do I work out how much public liability insurance I require?


You would generally get the minimum amount of public liability if you have a small turnover, but if you have a contractual requirement, for example if you have to work and a local council has made it a mandatory requirement to get public liability before you work on council grounds you will need to get out that amount. Generally in these cases you will be require to get 10 million cover but if you are filming on national or state government property such as a state forest you will be require to get $20 million public liability.

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