Public Liability Insurance For Flyboarding and Jetlev Hire Businesses.


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How much will it cost to get Public Liability Insurance for My Flyboarding hire business?


New to the insurance market is Flyboarding, with very few insurance companies and underwriters offering public liability insurance for Flyboarding, it is hard for somebody to find cover for this occupation.

Flyboarding hire is viewed as a high risk by all underwriters and especially since there is no history on claims in Australia to create an understand on where the pricing should be most insurance companies are just refusing to even off terms to Flyboarding hire companies. Luckily Bluewell Insurance Brokers has found providers that can look at this risk and get you public liability insurance with prices starting at around $4,500 for $10 million public liability insurance for the year. We also have pay by the month available to you though this does work out more expensive as there is an interest component and a set up fee.

 How Do I get a quote for my Flyboarding hire company?


Here at Bluewell Insurance Brokers, we have two main ways of dealing with our clients the call in method. You can call us today on 1300 669 664 and speak to one of our insurance brokers and and they will run over what we need from you to get your quote done. Usually we will need you to complete a proposal form that will ask you a series of questions relating to your business, some examples of the type of questions will be where are the activities to take place, what training do you give to you clients we will also need to know how many units you intend to hire out. We will need to know what other experience you have with Flyboarding and if your experience is minimal have dealt with other types of high risk occupations, for example a lot of our Flyboarding hire companies currently hire out Jet-skis. this occupation is a perfect occupation to have a background in as the insurance company can see that you have experience with watercraft and know the problems that come with this type of occupation.

You will also be require to keep a maintenance log of your Flyboards as this will help the insurance company defend you in court in the event of the a claim to show you are a responsible operator. If you are a Queensland based operator we will need to get confirmation that you will operate within the guidelines out lined by the Queensland government please see the button below for further information.
QLD government Marine bulletin


If you would like to use the call back method please click on the button that says Click here to get a Public liability quote for Flyboarding hire! fill in your details and we will call you back.


Bluewell Insurance Brokers are the market leader for Flyboarding Hire Public liability insurance, so come and talk to one of our Brokers today.