Handyman Public Liability Insurance Online Quotes

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Public liability insurance for a handyman is generally required for handymen who do work for real estates. A lot of real estates will not let them into their clients home with out the cover. Typically they will require you to have at least $5 million public liability insurance, but they sometimes ask for $10 million or $20 million cover.

Why would a handyman need public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers you for all types of circumstances where you might cause property damage to a clients home or the contents in that home. We usually say to a client that the Public liability would cover a handyman if he was to for example drill a hole into a wall and hit some power cables and the whole building was to burn to the ground. This type of event is covered as it is damage to a 3rd parties property and is claimable under this type of policy. Another example we give is if the handyman was to leave a bucket laying around and somebody was to trip over it and cause themselves injury this would also be covered as this is damage to a third party and is also claimable under this type of policy.


We can also organise quotes for your accident cover and also what every handyman has by their side, his or her tools. Both of these covers are available for quote after you have selected the amount of public liability you require. If just accident insurance is not enough and you require cover for yourself for sickness also you can select the income protection button on the right hand side when you are finished getting your public liability quote done, this will allow one of our consultants to establish your requirements for income protection or life insurance cover.

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