How Do I Get Liability Insurance?

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How Do I Get Liability Insurance?

We always have people ask “How do I get Liability insurance?”. With Bluewell Insurance Brokers you can get a liability insurance quote in under 2 minutes Click on the button that says “Click here to start insurance quote”  and we will give you a online quote for most tradies, Offices and Retail occupations and if you can’t get it online we will get you to fill in a few simple details and we will get one of brokers to go to the market place and find a quote for you, wouldn’t that make your life easier?


 How do I get my Liability insurance certificate?


Once you have gone on to get a online insurance quote, you can get the Liability insurance started by selecting a method of payment that will take you to our start cover page. You will then be asked to give Bluewell Insurance Brokers your details including your business address, company name or sole trader name and a few more and then make payment. Once Bluewell Insurance Brokers can confirm payment has been made we will generate your insurance documents and as a part of this process we also send out your Certificates of insurance or Certificates of Currency.


Why do I need liability insurance?


You need to get liability insurance to cover you for damage that you are found liable for if you go on to a clients premises and cause damage & it will also cover you if you injure somebody so for example if you leave a cable lying around and a client was to trip over the cable and injure themselves.


If you need any help with understanding liability insurance further call Bluewell Insurance Brokers today on 1300 669 664 and one of our brokers will help you out with your Liability insurance enquiry.