Liability Insurance Australia

Liability Insurance Australia, where can I get a quote?

Liability insurance in Australia is as 1 2 3 with Bluewell Insurance Brokers, Click on the red button that says “Click here for a Public liability quote” and we will give an instant quote for most trade occupations, retailers and office risks in under 2 minutes. You just need to select your occupation, annual turnover and the state you are based in and we will give you an instant quote. If you can’t find your occupation, complete the custom quote form for one of Liability insurance Australia Brokers to complete, they will take it to the market to find you a competitive quote. If you need help with getting a quote or just help understanding how to get a quote, give Bluewell Insurance Brokers a call on 1300 669 664 and we will help you over the phone.


Why do I need Liability insurance in Australia?


Liability insurance in Australia covers you for a whole host of issues that may arise in the course of you doing business. If you are found legally liability for causing damage to a third parties property or if you are found legally liable for injury to a third party, then this is when you would talk to your Liability insurance Australia provider to find out more on how you would make a claim on your liability insurance.


Liability insurance Australia, how much insurance coverage do I need?


Generally for most trade occupations, retailers or office based risk you will need to get $5, $10 or $20 million liability cover, some people working on railways for example may need to get up to $200 million liability insurance, but this is rare to require this amount. The best way is to look at what your risk may be or what you are contractually required to have and select that amount.


If you have any questions or need an further help call Bluewell Insurance Brokers on 1300 669 664