Liability Insurance Cost

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What does liability insurance cost?

To find out what your Liability insurance costs, it doesn’t matter if you are a tradesman, retailer or office, click the button that says “Click here for a free liability insurance quote” this is the quickest and easiest way to find out instantly what your Liability insurance costs. You can find competitive pricing on a whole host of occupations instantly with Bluewell Insurance Brokers’ website rating system. Liability insurance costs are significantly cheaper the a lot of the big name insurers out there.


I know how much my liability insurance costs now, what is liability insurance for?


Liability insurance  is for covering you for third party property damage and third party injury that you are found responsible for. Most of us can say I have never made a claim on liability insurance but the thing is it’s always that one little thing that goes wrong and you could be up for a fortune. We always say to a client if you did something in a worse case scenario and you burnt a clients home, office or shop down how would you come up with the money? Would you have to sell your own house? What if a one of your clients tripped over a cable you had on the floor and broke a bone, could you afford to pay for the medical expenses if you got sued. the truth is most of us do not have sufficient money lying around to cover for these types of emergencies and that’s where your Liability insurance comes into play.


Can I get my liability insurance cost to be paid monthly?


Yes, Bluewell Insurance Brokers has access to pay by the month for you so you can spread your liability insurance cost over the course of a year to help business’s out with their cash flow.


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