Liability Insurance Quote

I need a liability insurance quote, how do I get it?

Bluewell Insurance Brokers has made life easy with our online Liability Insurance quotes. Just click on the big blue button that says “Click here for a liability quote”  and we will take you to our online liability quote system, so you can get a liability quote in under 2 minutes for most trade, office and retail stores. We try to make getting a quote for liability Insurance quick and and easy so you can get on with running your business.


What does my liability insurance cover me for?


Liability insurance covers you for various things, there are main types of liability insurance, they are Public liability Insurance and Products liability insurance. Public liability covers you for third party injury and third party property damage that you are found responsible for and third party injury that you are found responsible for, to give an example of property damage that public liability would cover you for, if you were drilling through a wall and hit something valuable. To give an example of third party injury, if you left a bucket lying around and somebody tripped on it. Products liability covers products you manufacture that may cause property damage or third party injury. If you need a Liability insurance quote then you can get one with Bluewell Insurance Brokers.


Can I get a copy of my liability insurance quote emailed to me?


Yes, just Click the red button that says “Click here for a liability quote”  and when you get your quote you will be given the option to have your liability insurance quote  emailed through to you immediately if have offered an instant online quote for your occupation.

But if you have any questions please feel free to call Bluewell Insurance Brokers on 1300 669 664 and we will try and help you with your insurance needs.