Mining Public Liability For Underground, Aboveground Or Open Pit Mine sites Miners

How Do I get Mining Public Liability Quote For Underground, Aboveground or Open Pit Mine sites work?

Bluewell Insurance Brokers makes it easier for miners to get public insurance. Firstly click on the red button that says “Click here for a mining public liability quote” and this will take you through to our mining quote request page. You will be asked several questions such as the percentage of your work that is Underground and Aboveground, do you employ sub-contractors, do you make any products that will be used on mine sites as well as general questions on your experience and the turnover you expect to generate for the next 12 months.

What is the cost for Public liability when mining?

Cost vary from insurer to insurer. Public liability insurance prices for mining take into account what type of mining you are involved in. If for example you are doing underground mining you will find the insurers will increase the premium to include their increase in risk. As you could imagine if you were responsible for a mine collapse, due to your actions or due to one of your products being found to be a cause for a collapse then chances are that you will have a very expensive claim to be made.

You will also find an increase in premium if you are a project manager on a mine site. I have clients trying to tell me that their input is minimal or that their work is only office based but at the end of the day you will be responsible for a group of workers and if one of them gets injured you will most likely be sued. People try to argue that workers compensation cover the workers, but who do you thing workers compensation take to court to recover their expenses after they have paid out for the worker?


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