What is Public Indemnity Insurance?


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When a customer usually asks us for Public Indemnity Insurance they have usually gotten their wires crossed.

Public indemnity insurance is usually when a client gets 2 separate insurances, being Public liability insurance and Professional indemnity insurance and mashes them into one policy type.

Public Indemnity Insurance does not actually exist. Most of the time when a client asks for it they have been told the wrong thing by someone else and what they are actually after is Public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance in Australia covers your for Third party injury, which means if you are found legally liable for hurting someone or third party property damage, which means that you are found legally liable for property damage to a third parties property.

Sometimes, but very rarely a person asking for Public indemnity insurance is actually after professional indemnity insurance. Public indemnity insurance is for people who charge a fee for their advice for example a consultant would tell the client the best path to take, what product to use etc. and their advice may be incorrect and cause some kind of loss to the client. In these circumstances you would need public indemnity insurance. I know that in most business’s you would give advice to your client a carpenter may advise the best way to install something for example. But the carpenter would not charge a separate fee for that advise to the client it would be just part of doing his normal job everyday.


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