Public Liability Insurance Cost

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How do I get quote to find out how much my public liability insurance costs?

At Bluewell we have an instant online quote system for so you can work out the cost for your public liability insurance, which allows most occupation to get their public liability quote right away. Other occupation are not so easy and we need to take them to several insurance companies to get an idea on the market cost for your public liability insurance. Click the button on this page called get a free quote and it will take you to our public liability insurance Australia page, go through the list and if your occupation is in the list generally we can tell you your cost right away. In some instances you will be taken away to fill in a occupation specific form so we can get your costings done. If your occupation is not in our list then you can click our custom quote button and fill in some simple details like your occupation, turnover, where you are located and your contact details.


How does an insurance company work out how much my public insurance will cost?


The first thing that an insurance company will look at is your occupation, this is the main factor in getting a cost for any insurance, the insurer determines the level of risk for your occupation and will cost it accordingly. Your turnover is also a big factor in getting a cost for public liability insurance, as you could imagine it a sole trader turning over $50,000 per year is going to be a lost less work then a company turning over $500,000 per year. The next major factor is the level of cover you require be it $5, $10, or $20 million public liability insurance.


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