Public Liability Insurance For Cleaning Shopping Centres & Supermarkets

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How to insure myself with Public liability insurance for cleaning shopping centers & supermarkets?

Bluewell Insurance Brokers has a quick and simple online form to enable us to get you a quote for shopping centre cleaners public liability insurance. Simply click on the red button called “Public liability quote for shopping centre cleaners” and this will take you to our page for shopping centre cleaners. We will ask you questions like what hours do you clean as you can imagine if you are cleaning during business hours then the risk for a slip and fall situation goes up quite substantially so the insurance company’s will need to take this into account when doing their pricing. We also have other question regarding the risk for the insurance company to look at. Once we have all of the available information we then go and apply to different insurance companies to get you a competitive quote for your public liability insurance for the shopping centre cleaning in the market place.


Why do I need public liability insurance for cleaning shopping centres and supermarkets?

The major issue is what is called a slip and fall claim and these can be quite expensive running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases. You will need to pick a liability amount of $5, $10 or $20 million dollars to cover yourself. The general standard in the industry is for $10 million Public liability insurance, but some shopping centres will make it a contractual obligation to get $20 million Public liability insurance. So you will need to confirm with who you are working for what is the correct amount you should be holding.


The shopping centre/supermarket needs a certificate of currency for my Public liability can you get me one?


Yes once payment has been made or a pay by the month set up we will send one out to you.


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