Public Liability Insurance Policy

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How do I get a Public liability insurance policy?


It has never been easier to get a public liability insurance policy. Click on the red button that says “click here for a public liability insurance policy quote”. You can then go to our interactive online public liability insurance quoting page it will get you an instant online quote for a whole host of Australian public liability insurance quotes from the best insurers available. You will need to select your occupation, turnover and state, its as simple as that to get an instant online public liability insurance policy.  If we can’t supply an instant online public liability insurance quote,  we will take you details including your occupation, state, turnover and your contact details and we will get one of our insurance brokers to get you a quote by taking your insurance needs to the market to see what your public liability insurance policy will cost.

Why do I need a public liability insurance policy?


It’s quite simple to when you realise what the word liability means, Liability is to be responsible for something, in the case of public liability insurance policy that responsibility usually falls to the owing of money due to property damage or causing injury to a third party. If you have been deemed legally liability for the damage to a third party property or for injury to a third party then you will then pay the excess on your public liability insurance policy and the insurer will generally look after the rest.


What is a public liability insurance policy?


Apublic liability insurance policyis a contract between you (the insured) and the insurance company (the insurer) this is guarantee to pay out on your behalf if an insured even happens as described in the insurers schedule and the Product disclosure statement.


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