Public Liability Insurance Price

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Public Liability Insurance Price

If you need to get a public liability insurance price, use the red button that says “Click here for a public liability insurance price”. We use our online quoting system to get quotes form several different insurance companies and present to you the best prices for $5, $10 and $20 million public liability insurance we have available.

Public liability insurance prices online

Bluewell Insurance Brokers was set up to help tradesmen, retailers, office’s and whole host of other occupations find a price for liability insurance online. For to long to get a price on public liability insurance you needed to call up an insurance broker submit all of your personal details with them and then had to sit and wait as they went to each individual insurance company to find you a price and then get back to you up to a week later. With Bluewell Insurance Brokers you can get your quotes for 5, 10 and 20 million public liability, in under 2 minutes and if you want to start cover you can submit it right away to get processed by one of our consultants.

Bluewell Insurance Brokers only uses Australian authorised insurers that have a proven track record for paying out our clients claims when they come through. We do this in order to make sure that our clients are looked after and can get the highest levels of service from the insurance companies if they ever have to make a claim. This is the most important thing to us to make sure that if our client ever get caught up in a claim or have to get legally made to pay out for an insured incident they are covered and will not have to worry about it.


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