Public Liability Insurance Quotes

If you need a public liability insurance quote, click on the button that says “Click here for a free public liability insurance quote”. This will get you to our page to get you a free public liability quote.
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How do I get a public liability insurance quote?


After clicking on the button above you will be taken to our Public liability insurance quote page, where you will be asked only 3 questions to get a public liability quote, pick your turnover, state and pick your occupation from the drop down list, it’s that easy. If you can’t find your occupation in the drop down box click on the custom quote button and we will have one of our brokers look at your details.


What is public liability insurance?


Public liability insurance covers your business from financial loss for when you are found legally liable for an insured event under the insurers policy.


What is an insured event under a public liability insurance policy?


An insured event under a public liability insurance policy is generally when you are found legally liable for third party property damage, so for example if you were to go into a clients building and damage something of theirs of value or do damage to their building just for a couple of ideas, your public liability insurance policy will generally pay out for these types of situations. Public liability insurance also pays out for when you or an employee injures a third party, to give an example if you left a bucket lying around in a walk way and somebody was to trip over the bucket and break their leg, a public liability policy would pay out in these types of circumstances.


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