Compare Public Liability Insurance Quotes

How much is it for Public Liability Insurance?

Compare Public Liability Insurance quotes varies from one company to another. The main factor that determines it is how many claims has the company had with a particular occupation. We may contact one company to get Public Liability Insurance quote. The quote provided by a particular company can completely differ from that given by another company.

Generally the reason for the huge difference in Public Liability Insurance quote is that the underwriter does not wish to “write the risk”. This basically means that they make the cost for the insurance prohibitively expensive so that either they don’t win the business or if they do win the business they will not make a financial loss writing the liability risk.

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Does Public liability insurance cover my business?


If you are a sole trader or a company, Public Liability Insurance is a good investment for your company. We always say to our clients that just because you haven’t done anything wrong, this doesn’t mean that you can get dragged into court for being even partially responsible. We recently had a security company that got dragged into the court for a slip and fall where they ended up having to pay tens of thousands towards a claim. It was deemed that they were partially responsible even though they were not responsible for water being on the floors of an RSL.

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