Free Public Liability Insurance Quote Available

Our high quality Public Liability quoting system available to all Australian business owners & professionals who require risk cover at affordable prices. Our system holds the latest prices for many occupations which require Public Liability Insurance Quote online in Australia. Our database is continually growing, whilst we work closely with some of Australia’s leading insurance providers to provide our customers with the best possible prices available.

A Simple Online Public Liability Quoting System

Our online free quoting system has been designed with ease of use in mind by providing our web visitors with 3 simple drop down boxes which ask for your Occupation, State and Income Range which helps us sort throughout our large database that provide you cheapest & most affordable quotes for 5 Million, 10 Million and 20 Million Public Liability Cover. Ready to find your quote? Begin A Public Liability Insurance Quote Now.

We provide a thorough personalized service for every single one of our clients, making sure they have the right risk cover to protect them and their business within Australia. We know how hard it can be finding the right insurance, with so many options out there – it was not an easy task, until now! With our newly relaunched website, we hope to cut down the hard work by asking you the right questions from the beginning – which helps us provide you best insurance quote available.

Our range of Australian insurance providers includes great brands such as Allianz, CGU, Lumley Insurance, Zurich, Vero and more.

Chartis, Brooklyn, QBE and Calliden

Our public liability insurance quote is so competitive because we have such a large range of providers to choose from, making sure that your insurance is the right choice for you. Once you have selected your required risk coverage amount, we provide you option to send yourself the quote via an email for future reference as well as checking out instantly using 3 payment options.

Yearly Payment or Monthly Payment or Credit Card Payment

Our clients have the option to checkout directly through our website and in most cases their insurance products can be processed on the same day. This added convenience comes at no additional cost unless outside of business hours.

So whether you are a builder, electrician, beauty therapist or artistBluewell Insurance Brokers can provide you with the most affordable public liability quote within Australia. If you have any further questions please leave a message on our easy to use contact form or call us during office hours on 1300 669 664.