Public liability

I need a quote for Public liability, how do I get a price on it?

Public liability is required nowadays to get on any construction site, job site or to start any lease and it you can get quick online quotes with Bluewell Insurance Brokers. If you click on the red button marked “Click here for a free Public Liability quote” Bluewell Insurance Brokers gives you access to online public liability quotes for over 100 occupations quickly and easily and if we can’t give you an online quote we can help you get one with the minimum amount of fuss.


What is Public Liability and what does it do for me?


Public Liability covers you for third party injury, in layman’s terms this covers you if you injure a person as a result of your negligence. To give an example if you were to leave a bucket lying around and someone trips on it and breaks their leg and you are found to be negligent you would be covered.

Public Liability covers you for third party property damage, again in layman’s terms this covers you for doing damage to a clients property. To give an example if you were to drill through a wall and hit a power line in the wall, which created a spark that burnt your clients building down and you were found negligent and had to rebuild the whole building then Public Liability would cover you in this type of instant.

Public liability does not cover you for your tools getting lost, damaged or stolen.

Public liability does not cover you if one of your employees were injured, as they need workers compensation insurance to be covered for injury at work.

Public liability does not cover you if one of your sub contractors got injured. Most policies have a Sub-contractor/Contractor/Labour hire exclusion on them. As a responsible business owner you should make sure that if you use Sub-contractor/Contractor/Labour hire that they have their own Public liability and Workers compensation insurance in place so to minimise your risk of having legal action taken against you.

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