What Is Liability Insurance?

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What is liability insurance and how do I get a quote?

To get a quote on liability is the easy part Click on the button called  “Click here for a liability insurance quote” and this will take you to our Liability insurance page to get an instant online quote for most office, retail and trade occupations. If you are unable to get an instant online quote use our custom liability quote. We will have one of our insurance brokers look at for you and take it to the market to get a price.


What Is Liability Insurance?


When a client asks “what is liability insurance?” we usually tell them that liability insurance is usually a shorter way to describe Public liability & Products liability insurance or Broadform liability insurance. You will find a difference in what it is called between different insurance companies, where some will call it Public liability & Products liability insurance and other companies will call it broadform liability insurance, which encompasses both Public liability & Products liability insurance.


What is Public liability & Products liability insurance?


Public liability & Products liability insurance covers you for when you are found legally liable for damaging a third parties property and for causing injury to a third party. This could be when you or one of your employees cause third party property damage or third party injury or when your products cause the damage and you are found legally liable.


Can I speak to someone to get a better idea on what is liability Insurance?


Yes call Bluewell Insurance Brokers on 1300 669 664 and you will be able to speak to one of our insurance brokers to get a better understanding on what is liability insurance and also to get a quote on Liability insurance, tools insurance and Accident insurance if you require it also.