What Is Liability?

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What is liability?

The most basic answer for the question “what is liability?” is something that you are responsible for. To give an example, to be responsible for owing money to someone or some other type of obligation.

How do I get a quote to protect my liability?

If you run a business you will need to get public liability insurance to cover you, click on the button marked “Click here for a free Liability insurance quote”

What is liability in relation to insurance and how does it affect me?

When it comes to insurance you will most commonly see liability referred to as public & products liability or broadform liability. This type of insurance protects you for a financial obligation you are legally required to pay for damaging someone’s property or a person. People don’t seem to realise, that even if you have done all of the right things, you can still get dragged in to court to prove you were not responsible for something. We had a situation not so long ago were a security guard company were brought into a court case to defend themselves for a patron who slipped on a wet floor in an RSL. Even though our clients were not responsible for keeping the floors dry it was still determined that they had a legal responsibility to notify the RSL staff that the floor was not safe and as such they were found to be 40% liable in the insurance claim. The total amount of the claim after legal costs came to around $80,000 for our clients. which was looked after by their public liability insurance.


So when somebody asks “what is Liability” we are now quick to point out these types of situation and that it is more litigious in Australia then ever and you now need your liability insurance more then ever.


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