Function centres are associated with parties, weddings, banquets or any other social events. The fun nature of the activities held inside is wonderful, but it can also make other aspects such as safety somewhat tempting to overlook. Seeing how the nature of the event itself can change the conditions in which a certain insurance applies, it is important to do your research. This will help you make sure you are covered for what you are offering.



Here are a few types of insurances that function centre owners should have.

1. Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance lets you hold your activities as usual, while being covered for the events where they may accidentally interfere with third parties. Any damage that is caused, whether in the form of injury on location or any negative impact on a personal property, can usually be covered by this insurance. Costs regarding legal actions, medical treatments, repairs of damaged goods and compensations are also included.

This insurance helps a business run its activities smoothly, focusing on the products and services that it provides, instead of having significant legal worries whenever the public is involved.

2. Professional Liability Insurance

This type of insurance covers those aspects of the function centre that are specifically tied to the professional services it aims to offer. Obviously, these vary greatly with each venue but subpar experiences, whether they are due to negligence, poor management or improper decisions, can lead to customers that will demand compensations in court.

The insurance generally covers the costs associated with situations like these, both in terms of compensation and legal fees.

3. Building Insurance

Function centres are large and expensive by definition, making a building insurance crucial. This typically covers fire, floods, earthquake, theft and any other kinds of similar damages.

Of all types of insurances, this will save the most money in case of trouble. Losing a function centre would be a financial loss hard to withstand for most people.

4. Asset Insurance

This type of insurance refers to the assets that you own and can be found inside the function centre. These include tables, chairs, bars and even consumables such as foods or drinks. It may not sound much at first, but when you need a large stock, the costs quickly add up.

5. Equipment Insurance

Depending on the venue, there may be some special equipment that ensures an amazing atmosphere. These could mean impressive lights, stages and other tools for live performances, great sound systems and many more.

These features are generally the most expensive assets that can be found in a function centre, meaning that a dedicated insurance is extremely important.

6. Income Protection or Personal Accident Insurance

These types of insurances will cover the costs that appear if an employee gets injured on the job. It is an essential choice for any business that has employees, this being no exception.

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