Glaziers Insurance Australia


Welcome to Bluewell Insurance Brokers, a longstanding Australian Insurance Brokerage trusted by thousands to assist in safeguarding their small and medium sized businesses. We know running a business is both rewarding and challenging, and understand the risks typical glaziers face in their daily operations. With the right insurance coverage, you can protect your business and ensure peace of mind while having competitive premiums. Our experienced team is always here to guide you and tailor the perfect insurance package for your glazing business.


Public & Product Liability Insurance

As a glazier, working with expensive and heavy glass poses inherent risks, including accidental property damage or personal injury to third parties. Picture this: You’re working on a beautiful glass installation, and a simple slip of the hand and it comes crashing down. Its these moments you can rely on Bluewell to support your business. Our specialised team handles the claim process (and legal jargon) so you can focus on getting your operations back to normal.


Mistakes can occur in any profession, including glazing. If your advice, or designs lead to financial losses or damages, professional indemnity insurance can provide financial protection for yourself. These policies assist in handling legal expenses and potential compensation claims while protecting your reputation and ensuring your business remains intact.


General Property Insurance

We understand many small operators rely heavily on their tools, often being the backbone of their glazing services. Are you in a position to replace equipment if its suddenly broken or stolen? How long would you be non-operational while you organise your finances? Equipment Insurance provides coverage for your valuable tools, ensuring a quick replacement without suffering a significant financial setback. Insuring your tools means you can continue to serve your customers, even in challenging times.


Commercial Motor

Finally, we know your work vehicles are essential for delivering your service. Whether its transporting glass or commuting to job sites. Commercial Motor Insurance protects your vehicle against accidents, theft, or damage, and ensures your business keeps moving forward.

Life is full of surprises, don’t leave your business exposed. Reach out to our professional team to organise a personalised insurance plan that suits your situation.