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Getting an Online Public Liability Insurance Quote just sounds like it could be a long, drawn out process, but in reality it only takes a few moments to fill out the on-line questionnaire and get a quote thanks to Bluewell Insurance Brokers. You not only get the quote but also get a great idea of just how much the premiums can cost and the assorted manners in which payment can be made.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

The Public Liability Insurance covers all that damage which you or your business or any third party suffers due to your business activities. This insurance provides you cover against legal action if your activities result in an injury or damage property of the client for whom you are working. The insurance covers you both in your office and at the external location. Remember that this type of insurance will not cover claims, which are made by your employees, but it will cover only those claims, which are made by the external parties.

Public Liability Insurance is recommended for all those people who run businesses that generate revenue. However, it can be costly and even if you haven’t committed a mistake, you may have to pay considerable legal costs in order to defend yourself.

This type of insurance will cover you only within the latitude of your normal business activity.

Here’s the simple process of getting a Free Online Public Liability Insurance Quote…

Select Your Occupation

Select from a our extensive list of occupations that include such professions as air conditioning installer, artists, brick layer, cake maker, gutter installer, hairdresser, locksmith, painter, plumber, security guard, teacher, tiler, or welder.  Even if the profession is not on the list, the free quote can be obtained by calling the office and getting one of our professional sales representatives to help.

Select Your State

Simply select the state you conduct your primary business in.

Select Your Turnover

We require an estimate of your yearly turnover which helps us choose the best possible insurance package for your situation.
Once these three fields are chosen, you will see a selection of quotes displayed on the monitor.  This shows the insurance carrier, the premium for both a yearly amount and a monthly amount, and the coverage amount.

Application Form and Policy Details

For more detailed information on each of the Online Public Liability Insurance Quote a policy, our PDS document is also available that provides an application form and details about the policy.

Following the application form, the insurance coverage information is provided. This includes generally policy information, code of practice, dispute resolution processes, features and benefits of the insurance, risks, terms and conditions, coverage, definitions, and payment options.

Regardless of the occupation, Public Liability Insurance is a requirement because it’s never known when an accident can happen. It’s certainly better to be prepared and be safe now than to be sorry later.